Special Reports

Assets and Opportunity Special Reports are an occasional series that provide supplemental analysis of key Scorecard concepts and findings, such as foreclosure and its impact on net worth, wealth inequality, child asset poverty and education attainment disparity.

Recent Progress on the 12 Scorecard Policy Priorities (Sept 2010)
In 2010, CFED collected data on state policy changes that occurred, or for which data became available, after July 2009. This Special Report assesses the policy progress that states have made on each of the 12 Policy Priorities since then.

The Financial Security of Households with Children (May 2010)
In this report, CFED analyzed data on net worth and asset poverty for households with children 18 years old and younger by race, income and gender and, where relevant, as compared to total households. The data highlight the economic condition of households with children in the years leading up to the financial crisis, and show that even before the current recession, families were on shaky ground financially.

Net Worth, Wealth Inequality and Homeownership during the Bubble Years (September 2008)
This report examines changes in net worth and the role that homeownership played in household wealth at the onset of the current credit crisis. It includes analysis of changes in net worth, wealth inequality, home equity and homeownership during the housing bubble years and at the start of the foreclosure crisis. The data in this report tell a story of uneven and inequitable changes in financial security, with low‐ and moderate‐income households being hit the hardest.