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To present a revealing portrait of each state and the District of Columbia, CFED has compiled 58 outcome measures, 34 policy measures (including 12 policy priorities and 22 additional policies) and 6 trend indicators organized into a six-issue area framework: Financial Assets & Income, Businesses & Jobs, Housing & Homeownership, Health Care, Education and Community Investment & Accountability. The first five issue areas contain graded outcome measures and rated policy measures. The Community Investment & Accountability issue area contains four policy measures and no outcome measures.

For more information on the research and methodology on outcome grades and policy ratings, see our methodology section.

All of the data used in the 2009-2010 Scorecard, as well as data from previous editions in 2007, 2005 and 2002, are available in downloadable Excel files:
2009-2010 Scorecard Data
2007-2008 Scorecard Data
2005 Scorecard Data
2002 State Asset Development Report Card (SADRC) Data

All previous editions of the Scorecard are available for download: 2007, 2005 (coming soon!) and 2002. The previous Scorecard PDFs should be downloaded and viewed on your computer because of their length and file size.

For full definitions, descriptions and sources of the 2009-2010 data, see our Glossary of Measures.

Financial Assets & Income

Outcome Measures

Policy Measures

Net Worth
Net Worth by Race
Net Worth by Income
Net Worth by Gender
Asset Poverty Rate
Asset Poverty Rate by Race
Asset Poverty Rate by Gender
Income Poverty Rate
Extreme Asset Poverty
Unbanked Households
Bankruptcy Rate
Median Credit Card Debt
Median Installment Debt

Trend Indicators
Change in Net Worth
Change in Asset Poverty
Change in Median Credit Card Debt
Change in Median Installment Debt

Policy Priorities
Lifting Asset Limits in Public Benefit Programs
State IDA Program Support
State Earned Income Tax Credit
Payday Lending Protections

Additional Policies
State Minimum Wage
Income Tax Threshold
Financial Education in Schools

Innovation Policies
Children’s Development Accounts
Universal Voluntary Retirement Accounts
Curbing Predatory Car Title Loans

Businesses & Jobs

Outcome Measures

Policy Measures

Small Business Ownership Rate
Private Loans to Small Business
Microenterprise Ownership Rate
Women's Bus. Ownership Rate
Minority Bus. Ownership Rate
Women Owned Business Value
Minority Owned Business Value
Employee Ownership
Business Creation Rate
Employment Growth
Unemployment Rate
Low-Wage Jobs
Average Annual Pay
Retirement Plan Participation
Employers Offering Health Insurance

Trend Indicators
Change in Private Loans to Small Business

Policy Priorities
State Microenterprise Support

Additional Policies
Workers Compensation Coverage
Unemployment Benefit Level
Unemployment Benefit Eligibility
Family Leave Benefits and Protection
Incentives for Employee Ownership

Innovation Policies
New Entrepreneur Tax Credit

Housing & Homeownership

Outcome Measures

Policy Measures

Homeownership Rate
Homeownership by Race
Homeownership by Income
Homeownership by Gender
Foreclosure Rate
High-Cost Mortgage Loans
Mortgage Debt as % of Home Value
Affordability of Homes
Housing Cost Burden - Homeowners
Housing Cost Burden - Renters

Policy Priorities
Predatory Mortgage Lending Protection
Housing Trust Fund
1st Time Homebuyer Assistance

Additional Policies
Preservation of Affordable Rental Housing
Property Tax Relief
Foreclosure Protections
Resident Ownership of Manufactured Housing Communities

Innovation Policies
Manufactured Housing
Shared Equity Homeownership

Health Care

Outcome Measures

Policy Measures

Uninsured Rate
Uninsured by Race
Uninsured by Income
Uninsured by Gender
Uninsured Low-Income Children
Uninsured Low-Income Parents
Employees Insured by Employer
Employee Share of Premium
Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses

Trend Indicators
Change in Uninsured Low-Income Children

Policy Priorities
Access to Health Insurance

Additional Policies
Insuring High Risk Individuals
COBRA Coverage of Small-Business Employees


Outcome Measures

Policy Measures

Head Start Coverage
Math Proficiency - 8th grade
Reading Proficiency - 8th grade
High School Degree
Two-Year College Degree
Four-Year College Degree
Four-Year Degree by Race
Four-Year Degree by Income
Four-Year Degree by Gender
Average College Graduate Debt
College Graduates with Debt

Policy Priorities
Early Childhood Education
Access to Quality K-12 Education
Incentives for College Savings

Additional Policies
Postsecondary Education Financial Aid
State-Funded Head Start
WIA-Funded Workforce Training
TANF-Funded Workforce Training

Community Investment & Accountability Policies

Additional Policies
State Support for CDFIs
Tax Expenditure Transparency
Impact Analysis of Tax Law Changes
Community Investment for State-Chartered Banks