Resources and Publications

Executive Summary

The 2009-2010 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard includes a wealth of publications and tools created to help make the Scorecard even more accessible and useful to policy advocates.

Printed Materials:  Access a complete list of all 2009-2010 Scorecard publications including the Executive Summary, State Profiles, Policy Briefs, Resource Guides and Innovation Policy Briefs.

Innovation Policies: In the 2009-2010 edition of the Scorecard, CFED is highlighting several new and creative policy proposals that have the potential to expand economic opportunity for thousands or even millions people through our new Innovation Policy Briefs.

Special Reports: CFED’s series of publications that delve deeper into an issue or data from the Assets & Opportunity Scorecard.

Data Resources: A full list of measures, both outcome and policy, as well as links to previous editions of the Scorecard.