Policy Campaign

Through the Assets & Opportunity Scorecard and Policy Campaign, CFED is committed to improving state policy across America. In addition to providing policymakers with comprehensive and timely data and assessments and broadly sharing the Scorecard findings and recommendations with allied organizations and the media, CFED also has partnered with organizations in 25 states to build coalitions that will utilize the Scorecard to advocate for state policy change.

This two-year Policy Campaign has four distinct objectives:

Scorecard Policies: Build the capacity of organizations to formulate policy agendas and advocate effectively for state and federal policies

Campaign Partners: Increase the number and diversity of organizations that see asset building as important to their missions

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Education and Outreach: Educate policymakers, the public and the media on asset building and the policies that can help Americans build and protect assets and financial security

Racial Wealth Gap : Promote increased engagement of policymakers, asset advocates and the media on the racial dimension of wealth disparities