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National Coverage

Times Square

Scorecard Featured on
New York Times Square

CFED's signature measure Asset Poverty was highlighted on the New York Times Square in New York City on the day of the Asset and Opportunity Scorecard Release.

CNN Money Line's Christine Romans and Ali Velshi also cited the
Scorecard in their Sunday show on October 4, 2004 looking at
Illinois' grades in housing, education and income.

Voice of America

CFED President Andrea Levere speaks to Voice of America on the
powerful elements of the scorecard in evaluating the economic
well-being of families on financial security, homeownership and
education indicators. Levere also shares a list of the Assets and
Opportunity Scorecard
honor roll list as well as states that have
received “F” on the Scorecard.

Local Coverage


The Oregonian
State Preschool Expansion Boosts Grade
By Bill Graves
September 21, 2009

Deseret News
Utah gets 'C' in Personal Financial Security
By Lee Davidson
September 21, 2009

Connecticut Post
Racial Net Worth Disparity in State Could Get Worse
By Rob Varnon
September 21, 2009

Pacific Business News
Report Gives Hawaii a Rare 'A'
September 21, 2009

Kansas City Fox 4
Study Shows States Should Help Residents Save More
By John Pepitone Meagan Kelleher
September 21, 2009

Tulsa World
Study: Many Need Help to Build and Protect Assets
By Ginnie Graham
September 22, 2009

Lincoln Journal Star (NE)
Sound Off: What Should be Done to Reduce the Numbers of Uninsured in Nebraska?
September 22, 2009

Washington Business Journal
D.C., Maryland and Virginia Residents get ‘B’ for Financial Stability
By Tierney Plumb
September 22, 2009

Tallahassee Democrat
Study Scores Florida on Residents' Financial Stability
By Dave Hodges
September 22, 2009

Baltimore Sun
Maryland Gets 'B' for Financial Stability, Up From Last Time
Eileen Ambrose -- Personal Finance
By Eileen Ambrose
September 22, 2009

The Kansas City Star
Financial Stability 'Grade' Gives Kudos to Kansans; Missourians About Average
By Mark Davis
September 22, 2009

The Journal Record (OK)
There’s Room for Improvement on State’s CFED Scorecard
By Marie Price
September 22, 2009

San Francisco Chronicle 
This 'C' isn't for California. Grade the 'California Dream' Here!
Blog by Ben Mangan
September 27, 2009

OK Blog, Oklahoma
The Racial Wealth Gap
By: David Blatt, Ph.D
October 3, 2009


WTOP-FM Washington, D.C. – CFED President Andrea Levere points to disparities in Health Insurance and Financial Security for D.C, Maryland, and Virginia Families.

WICH-AM Hartford, CT – CFED Director of Research, Ida Rademacher, talks about the power of the Scorecard in not only showcasing the state of families' financial security but also policy prescriptions the state can take to help families become more economically mobile.

WJSS-AM Baltimore, MD – Andrea Levere shares the good news with Minister H. T. about Maryland’s ascension from the grade of a "C" to a grade of a "B" in the 2009 - 2010 Scorecard. Levere stresses savings incentives and continued investment in education in the Old Line State.

KMA-AM Omaha, NB – Ida Rademacher talks to the Chuck and Don Show about the importance of the 2009 – 2010 Scorecard in benchmarking families’ well being. Rademacher discusses various grades for Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. Chuck and Don are ecstatic with Iowa’s honor roll grade.

WFIN-AM Toledo, OH – CFED Founder and Board Chair, Bob Friedman, talks about how the Scorecard measures the attainability of the American Dream. Friedman points to Ohio’s challenges in propelling jobs, supporting microenterprise, and creating jobs. Bob Friedman also points out how the Buckeye state continues to be a leader in innovating new policies to lessen the blow of foreclosures and predatory lending.

Tennessee Radio Network, TN – “My Favorite Volunteer State Gets a ‘C’” says CFED President Andrea Levere. Tennessee continues to struggle with sluggish business creation and employment growth.